My sweet break: HomeMade Eclairs

HomeMade Company presents eclairs, the French treat popular around the world, with a new look and a new approach. Discover these pastries made with simple ingredients, but with flavors and decorations that make them a favorite treat in all meridians.


We have prepared eclairs in four flavors, delicious, juicy and unique enough you’ll want to try them all, and keep coming back with gusto:

  • Hazelnut (hazelnut and chocolate cream with pieces of hazelnut),
  • Pistachio (pistachio cream with chunks of pistachio),
  • Vanilla-raspberry (vanilla custard with juicy raspberry fruit filling),
  • Vanilla-green apple (vanilla combined with green apple and cinnamon).

In addition to the gift packs available in HomeMade stores, the eclairs can be delivered to a variety of events, for orders per kilogram.