Ice Cream made by Home MadeCompany


What are your associations with ice cream: summer, sun, sea, joy, friendship, fun, laugh, adventure, fun …? Ice cream associates only positive images, and new summer season brings new positive experience – new ice cream from Home Made Company. Remember the hashtag for this year: #mysweetharmony!


For several years, consumers recognized Home Made ice cream as synonymous for superior quality, freshness and taste. The development team of Home Made Company, together with a group of end users – ice cream lovers, has prepared a lot of new flavours for this season, where the emphasis is on high quality ice cream, a selection of flavors in line with global trends.

The idea is to make enjoyment in ice cream becomes (and remains!) real hedonistic experience, where chocolate ice cream is actually prepared with real chocolate (of highest quality), and where fruit flavors include the maximum percentage of real fruit. In addition, a variety of interesting combinations of flavors, both expected and unexpected, make a real step forward and offer different ice cream experience!

The range of Home Made ice cream contains nearly 30 different flavours for consumers of all ages who know how to recognize and appreciate the superior quality and want to try something new. The Home Made offer of ice cream is made of full fruity taste with 100% participation of fruit (strawberry, banana, raspberry and orange). Some flavours are made for people who are on a diet, so that they can enjoy ice cream, and those who fast will be able to find an adequate solution, too. A part of Home Made range is adapted to people allergic to gluten, and several flavours of ice cream products from gluten-free raw materials.

We recommend that you definitely try milk and dark chocolate (irresistible chocolate experience!), walnut (something familiar, but different), mango (a favourite one for this year) or one of the 100% fruit flavors (fruit, fruit and only fruit … ). Very interesting taste is Mojito, made with alcohol and can be considered a real „alcoholic cocktail cone“, which is an ideal taste that connects the ice cream and fun!

The Home Made ice cream can be enjoyed in two Coffee Room coffee shops in Belgrade. One is located in the center of Belgrade, close to the Palace Hotel, at Topličin venac 17, and the other on the ground floor of Usce Shopping Center. There is also an option of ice cream for “take away” (1 kg box), so the Home Made flavours can be enjoyed at home, or you may take it as a gift for your friend or loving ones! In order to allow more Belgraders and guests of Belgrade to enjoy the “sweet harmony” Home Made Company will make position of its ice cream in a few selected bars and restaurants, too.

Follow Home Made Company on social networks this season, since we plan many interesting activities and prizes for the most original followers. More information available on the site (, facebook (homemadecompanybeograd) and Instagram (homemadecompany) or by telephone (060/300-32-44).

Enjoy #mysweetharmony!