Corporate celebrations


Something new and completely different from Home Made Company! Volcanos, filled chocolate pralines, additionally overflowed with chocolate and decorated so that every bite is a real eruption of irresistible flavors!

Volcanos are available in two gift packs, with 9 and with 3 products. Nine different tastes are offered, and which one has a "specific" decoration.The production of Volcanos requires extraordinary craftsmanship, patience and precision.

A great choice for a gift, both for personal needs and for corporate gifts.

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Tasty creams in jars – Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango

Great new gifts are made by Home Made Company: Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango!

Nocciola is a hand made hazelnut and chocolate cream, and what makes this cream much different from similar products is an intense taste because it contains as much as 20% of hazelnuts, which is significantly more than similar products on the market!

Bianca is a cream made of milk, hazelnut and white chocolate. The "Milky" version of Nocciola contains 17% of hazelnuts.

Sunny Mango is Mango fruit cream and contains as much as 88% of the fruit. Refreshing, light and delicious!

Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango can be used as a bread, pancake or simply to eat when you eat them with a spoon directly from the jar (and you will admit that many people like it)! For ordering three jars (for any combination of flavors) we have provided a gift box, easy to carry and very attractive for present!

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Handmade, of the highest quality ingredients, in molds of very interesting and unusual shape, which is followed by the minimalist and attractive packaging!

Most important of all, as well as when it comes to products coming from Home Made Company, is the taste!

Chocolates are made in three flavors that create a palette from all the favorites to the unusual: Pistachio, Forest Fruit, Lemun and Ginger. Each taste has a distinctive color of chocolate and a rich intense taste that separates it from other chocolates on the market.

The weight of each chocolate, regardless of the taste, is 80 grams. Ideal for a small sign of attention!

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Stuffed chocolate biscuits sprinkled with chocolate, fresh and hand made!

The gift box contains 5 biscuits and is a nice gift for both dear people and business partners.

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Corporate Gifts

HomeMade Company’s corporate gifts offer consists of innovative products with superior quality and taste and attractive decorations in a luxurious package.

The most sought after corporate gifts we offer are Gift Cakes, Sweet Selection, Homemade Macarons, Cake Pops and Gingerbread.

A business card, greeting card, or other material that will clearly convey a message to the recipient can be attached to sweet corporate gifts. For larger orders it is possible to adapt the package to client needs, brand it with a logo or design a completely different visual solution. In addition, the products themselves can be designed to coordinate with the corporate spirit, if the technique allows the desired colors and decorations.

Any company that wants to stand out from the rest knows why they will choose HomeMade Company. By choosing our products you send a clear message about how special the one who sends the gift is, and, most importantly, the person receiving the gift!

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Top local and foreign companies hire HomeMade pastry chefs to create cakes which mark important anniversaries and special occasions. Cakes come in a vast number of flavors, shapes and decorations the client wants – company logo, product’s design and appearance, all the things that set the client apart that they want to focus their promotions.

These cakes are a special experience for everyone during corporate celebrations and the best moment for a formal speech is always a moment when the cake is presented and cut.

At HomeMade we invest maximum effort and a lot of love to meet each client’s idea and wish, so a festive cake becomes a detail that will be remembered.

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Cocktail Selection

Top sweet delights with the finest taste, among which everyone will find a couple of favorites, because it is hard to decide, perfectly decorated and easy to consume. An ideal choice for all types of events, something different and special that will make everyone remember the event, the organizers, the taste and the look!

Cocktail Selection može biti pravi izbor kako za posluženje na kraju uspešnog poslovnog sastanka, tako i za slatke zalogaje za događaje sa mnogo gostiju.
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HomeMade Cupcakes are produced in several flavors of dough and filling (chocolate, vanilla), and multiple sizes (mini and standard).
Decorations can be standard, but at client’s request it is possible to place logos or photos of the product on edible paper, as well as decorate with fondant in line with the product or service promoted.

Cute and tasty sweet bites the whole world loves.

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Combining the finest chocolate and other eye-catching ingredients (marzipan, hazelnut, coconut,…), with superb decoration, we create cakepops for corporate parties or gifts.

Details that make cakepops such a gorgeous choice for companies are bows with printed logos or advertising messages. When the choice of raw materials permits, colors used for decoration can match corporate colors.

The styrofoam stand can be coated with paper with a logo, message or other motives chosen by the client.
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HomeMade Macarons

Macarons are an increasingly popular choice for all kinds of celebrations, including corporate, a delicacy that won the world with its funky design, bright colors and great flavors.

Each piece is an ideal sweet bite and HomeMade Company’s Macarons come in sixteen different flavors and colors, so they are a great choice for sweet catering for celebrations, and a real feast for the eyes and for the palate!

HomeMade Macarons flavors: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, salty caramel, lavender, pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, passion fruit, peanuts, coffee, chocolate mint, coconut, chocolate orange, HomeMade and green apple.
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Simpatičan poklon za goste na kompanijskim proslavama, medenjaci se proizvode se u više oblika, sa dekoracijom koja se može uskladiti sa potrebama klijenta, odštampane na jestivom papiru ili izrađena od dekor mase.
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Cake Cups

Sweet creamy pleasures in a cup come in many flavors, ideal for corporate celebrations, making refreshments truly elegant and tasty.

Cake cups are delivered in elegant plastic containers with disposable spoons.
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