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HomeMade points of sale are designed to bring the client their favorite sweets as close as possible, our take away concept aims to make the purchase of gifts and sweet products for personal enjoyment quick and easy.

At our fairytale decorated retail space, our staff will present you the HomeMade range and assist your selection. Daily fresh products with perfect taste in appropriate packaging guarantee a good choice!

Home Made shops are located in the Mercator Center Belgrade (Bulevar umetnosti 4, Novi Beograd), as well as within the Coffee Room (the ground floor of the Shopping Center Ušće and Topličin venac 17, close to the Palace Hotel). Working hours at Mercator Center Belgrade are every day from 9 am to 10 pm, at SC Ušće every day from 10 am to 10 pm, and at the address Topličin venac 17, from 8 am to 11 pm.



Volcanos – The eruption of irresistible flavors

Something new and completely different from Home Made Company!

Volcanos, filled chocolate pralines, additionally overflowed with chocolate and decorated so that every bite is a real eruption of irresistible flavors!

Volcanos are available in two gift packs, with 9 and with 3 products.

Nine different tastes are offered, and which one has a "specific" decoration.

The production of Volcanos requires extraordinary craftsmanship, patience and precision.

A great choice for a gift, both for personal needs and for corporate gifts.




Handmade, of the highest quality ingredients, in molds of very interesting and unusual shape, which is followed by the minimalist and attractive packaging!

Most important of all, as well as when it comes to products coming from Home Made Company, is the taste!

Chocolates are made in three flavors that create a palette from all the favorites to the unusual: Pistachio, Forest Fruit, Lemun and Ginger. Each taste has a distinctive color of chocolate and a rich intense taste that separates it from other chocolates on the market.

The weight of each chocolate, regardless of the taste, is 80 grams. Ideal for a small sign of attention!



Tasty creams in jars – Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango

Great new gifts are made by Home Made Company: Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango!

Nocciola is a hand made hazelnut and chocolate cream, and what makes this cream much different from similar products is an intense taste because it contains as much as 20% of hazelnuts, which is significantly more than similar products on the market!

Bianca is a cream made of milk, hazelnut and white chocolate. The "Milky" version of Nocciola contains 17% of hazelnuts.

Sunny Mango is Mango fruit cream and contains as much as 88% of the fruit. Refreshing, light and delicious!

Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango can be used as a bread, pancake or simply to eat when you eat them with a spoon directly from the jar (and you will admit that many people like it)!

For ordering three jars (for any combination of flavors) we have provided a gift box, easy to carry and very attractive for present!




Stuffed chocolate biscuits sprinkled with chocolate, fresh and hand made!

The gift box contains 5 biscuits and is a nice gift for both dear people and business partners.



Gift Cake – 8 Flavors Mix

A new gift cake allows everyone who loves Home Made flavors what they always dreamed of: to taste as much flavors as possible in a single cake!

The gift cake weights about 1 kg, it is packed in a gift box and contains one piece of even 8 flavors from Home Made offer: Nougat, Monalisa, Choco Crispy, Schwarzwald, Mon Amour, Smokva rogač, Mozart and Home Made Cake!

Ideal for all real hedonists!



HomeMade Macarons - new packaging

HomeMade Macarons – new packaging

HomeMade Macarons

Macarons are HomeMade Company’s latest product, these French sweets the whole world is crazy about are made following original French recipes and raw materials.

HomeMade Macarons come in sixteen different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, salty caramel, lavender, pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, mango, peanuts, coffee, chocolate mint, coconut, chocolate orange, HomeMade and green apple.

Macarons can be bought at the HomeMade shop by piece or in gift boxes with 6, 9, 12, 15, 16 or 36 pieces you may choose yourself.


Gifts cakes

HMC’s gift cakes are an ideal gift, and they come in four flavors: Nougat, Mona Lisa, Choco and HomeMade Cake, as well as a vast selection of decorations.

Gifts cakes weigh around 1 kg, and come in a luxurious box, and, upon request, an attached card with your message.



Sweet Selection

Sweet Selection is a gift package with nine sweet bites in different delightful flavors, masterfully decorated and carefully packed. HomeMade Company’s premium product causes the same reactions in all of those who enjoy it – perfect!!!



Mini Cupcakes Mini Box

Four mini cupcakes with decorations the kids will adore just as much as their taste. Soft vanilla or chocolate dough filled with top chocolate or vanilla cream, decorated with characters from Garfield, Smurfs, Angry Birds or Despicable Me characters, an original and tasty gift for children.

Mini cupcakes decorations are always created and adjusted to kids’ current favorite characters…



Cocktail Selection Mini Box

Gift package contains four pieces of Cocktail Selection, our top four sweet bites with the finest taste, many of which will be your favorites. Luscious and creamy, beautifully decorated and easy to eat. A little gift to be greatly enjoyed!



Cake pops

Combining the finest chocolate and other remarkable ingredients, HomeMade creates round and animal shaped cake pops that will cheer up and delight children. Delicious and creamy, the perfect choice for children.



Other products

Choose your favorite!



Ice Cream

HomeMade ice cream contains an extremely high levels of raw materials, which delivers full, rich flavor of the final product and distinguishes it from other ice creams.

HomeMade ice cream range contains 28 different flavors, both standard top sellers as well as unusual and interesting combinations for end customers who want new experiences.

A part of HomeMade ice cream flavors is adapted to people allergic to gluten, and several ice cream flavors are made from gluten free raw materials, and there are numerous fruit flavors made 100 % from fruit. A number of flavors are made for people who are on a diet, so that they too can enjoy ice cream.