HomeMade Macarons



Thanks to their gorgeous look and vivid colors, Macarons are a favorite decoration of many world known photographers for fashion editorials, interiors and exteriors, wedding arrangements… There is no clearly defined target group, because everyone loves it and savors it, no matter the gender, age, social status or income.

Macarons are becoming increasingly popular at wedding celebrations, because they can be a great addition to the wedding cake, and offer a wide range of colors and flavors that leave a spectacular impression.

A treat that won over the world is small, comes in cheerful colors and HomeMade Company produces as many as 15 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, lavender, hazelnut, raspberry, blueberry, fig, mango, choco-mint, coffee, peanuts, coconut and choco-orange.

A true measure of enjoyment!