Children’s celebrations


Something new and completely different from Home Made Company! Volcanos, filled chocolate pralines, additionally overflowed with chocolate and decorated so that every bite is a real eruption of irresistible flavors!

Volcanos are available in two gift packs, with 9 and with 3 products. Nine different tastes are offered, and which one has a "specific" decoration.The production of Volcanos requires extraordinary craftsmanship, patience and precision.

A great choice for a gift, both for personal needs and for corporate gifts.

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Our favorite clients are children, because they are sincerely delighted and enjoy their birthday cakes. Their smiles are the greatest reward for all our effort.

The taste serves as the best recommendation for HomeMade cakes and our decorations depict favorite cartoon characters and other motifs that matter to children which they like to show off to their friends.

You can see just a piece of the children’s cakes HomeMade has created so far, and we will make all your wishes and ideas come to life. You can send a picture or tell us how you want the cake to look – the cake photos here will only guide you and be a starting point for the creation of your own perfect cake!

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HomeMade Cupcakes are produced in several flavors of dough and filling (chocolate, vanilla), and multiple sizes (mini and standard). Decorations can be standard, but cupcakes decorated with cartoon figures are ideal for children’s birthdays, they can be prepared with 2D (laid) or 3D (small figurines on top of the cupcakes) decorations. It is possible to place photos or captions printed on edible paper on the cupcakes, depending on client’s wishes.

Kids will surely enjoy the cupcakes and gobble them up!

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Cocktail Selection

A great addition to a kid’s birthday party may come in the shape of Cocktail Selection – sweet bites with the finest taste, beautifully decorated and easy to eat. Without a doubt they will be enjoyed by kids and parents as well!
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HomeMade makes round cakepops with white or dark chocolate filled with marzipan, hazelnut or coconut, as well as animal shaped ones.

Make sure your child’s birthday stands out. Cakepops are a great choice!
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HomeMade Macarons

Adored by parents and children, HomeMade macarons are an ideal choice for adding something little extra for a kid’s birthday party. Gorgeous appearance, cheerful colors and great taste!

HomeMade Macarons come in 16 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, salty caramel, lavender, pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, passion fruit, peanuts, coffee, chocolate mint, coconut, chocolate orange, HomeMade and green apple. For kids we recommend chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla and raspberry, and for parents absolutely all!
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The birthday boy or girl can prepare a nice little gift for guests ‒ gingerbread cookies. They can have many shapes, be decorated with fondant or with text or a photo on edible paper. A small token of appreciation that can serve as a keepsake, something you are not used to.
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