Tasty creams in jars – Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango


Great new gifts are made by Home Made Company: Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango!

Nocciola is a hand made hazelnut and chocolate cream, and what makes this cream much different from similar products is an intense taste because it contains as much as 20% of hazelnuts, which is significantly more than similar products on the market!

Bianca is a cream made of milk, hazelnut and white chocolate. The "Milky" version of Nocciola contains 17% of hazelnuts.

Sunny Mango is Mango fruit cream and contains as much as 88% of the fruit. Refreshing, light and delicious!

Nocciola, Bianca and Sunny Mango can be used as a bread, pancake or simply to eat when you eat them with a spoon directly from the jar (and you will admit that many people like it)!

For ordering three jars (for any combination of flavors) we have provided a gift box, easy to carry and very attractive for present!